Universal Strong Metal Crab Clamp Pliers Camera Holder for Tripod Light Stand Boom 5cm Round Pipes 3cm Square Tubes Max. 10kg

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Flash Brackets


1. Main body die-cast of aluminum alloy, surface grinded and polished, tapped and drilled, painted with high temperature. with an alloy spanner, stainless steel spring, zinc plated pin button and copper nut, strong and durable;

2. Reserved multiple function extension holes, including 1 x 5/8" hexagon hole, 1 x 1/4" UNC hole and 2 x M5 thread holes; the clamp can bear around 10kg maximum;

3. The clamp opening is embedded with non-slip rubber pads, and one adapter rubber pad is provided when used with square tube; its opening mouth can take round tube of 50mm maximum or square tube of 30mm thick maximum;

4. It can be used with photographic support arm IS-COBRA (Sold Separately), or other products for multiple uses. Can be fixed to desk, bookshelf, tripod, light stand indoor; or to railing, lamp pole, tree branch, wooden board outdoor, very convenient.


Max. Volume: around 125x90x42mm

Net Weight: around 420g

Main Material: Aluminum Alloy

Opening Dimension: can take round tube of 50mm maximum, or square tube of 30mm thick maximum

Extension Holes: 1 x 5/8" hexagon hole; 1 x 1/4" UNC hole; 2 x M5 thread holes

Package Including:

1 x Strong Metal Clamp IS-STRONG-CLAMP

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