Universal Flash Hot Shoe Mount Adapter for 1/4" Screw Tripod/Umbrella Bracket

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1. Standard ISO 518 hot shoe mount design, with positioning hole to lock the flash, compatible with Canon Nikon flash;

2. Bottom with 1/4" metal female thread, compatible with all 1/4" standard screw, can be widely used with flash holder, tripod or light stand with 1/4" screw.

Applicable to:

Nikon SB900/SB800/SB700/SB600/SB400, SB80DX/SB28/SB27/SB26/SB25/SB24

Canon 600EX-RT/580EX II/580EX/550EX/430EX II/430EX/430EZ/420EX/380EX/270EX

Nissin DI866/DI622/DI466/DI28

Sunpak PZ42X/PZ40/PZ30X/RD2000

Olympus FL-50R/FL-36R

Sigma EF540DG/EF530DG/EF500DG/EF140DG

Vivitar 285/283/550/200……

Don't support Sony/Minolta a series Flash

Package Including:

1 x 1/4" Screw Hole to Hot Shoe Mount Adapter IS-F for Canon Nikon Flash