Stereo MIC DC/DV Dedicated Microphone with 3.5mm Audio Plug Compatible with Canon Nikon Digital Camera & Video Camcorder

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1. The microphone can be used with digital cameras & video camcorders with 3.5mm MIC Jack, and can be used with the following cameras by hot shoe directly: Canon EOS 1DX III / 1D Mark II, 7DII / 6D II / 5D Mark IV / 5D Mark III, 90D / 80D / 70D / 800D / 750D / 700D; R6 / R5 / R1 / R / RP; Nikon D6 / D5 / D4S, D850 / D810 / D800 / D750 / D7200 / D5500 / D5300 / D3500 / D3300; Z7 II / Z7 / Z6 II / Z6 / Z5 / Z50; Sony a9 II / a9 / a7 IV / a7 III / a7s III / a7R III / a6600 / a6500 / a6400.

2. The stereo microphone uses two stereo electret capacitor pickups, two separate signal amplification circuits, and acoustic interference tube technology, have good sensitivity and high directivity, pickup effect of long-distance and excellent directivity can easily be obtained.

3. The stereo MIC uses multi-level signal amplification circuit and noise reduction circuit, the output impedance of 500 ohms, suitable for most cameras and camcorders; providing low-cut and sensitivity enhancements to meet the requirements of different occasions; low-cut can effectively reduce wind noise.

4. Using one AA battery, with excellent standby time, while providing a low voltage LED alerts; Metal materials cavity, not only lightweight, rugged, but also conducive to high-frequency sound filtering of electromagnetic waves and enhancement of high frequency sounds.

5. Unique removable rubber buffers can effectively reduce the noise caused by vibration, providing ㊣ 30 ~ tilt adjustment; cold foot using a large lock nut with built-in 1/4 " copper nut; High-density sponge, weaved signal cable and gold-plated audio output plug, can effectively reduce sound transmission noise.


1. Low-cut design to reduce wind noise outdoors, but may reduce low frequency sound effects as well;

2. When sensitivity switch to +10 dB, it will enhance the sound effects, but may increase the noise as well;

3. When recording, please do not operate the switch or touch the microphone, do not move it vigorously, otherwise, the noise will be recorded;

4. When recording, keep the microphone switch vertical to the ground to ensure pickup heart-shaped for better sound effects;

5. When use and storage, please be careful to avoid wet, electrostatic, magnetic, hot or cold, which will affect the life of the product and the use effect.


1. Remove the microphone from the shock absorber, rotate and open the rear, install one AA-1.5V fully charged battery according to the positive and negative prompts;

2. Install the microphone back to the shock absorber, attach to the camera hot shoe and adjust the microphone length according to the length of the lens;

3. Insert the plug properly into MIC hole of camera or DV;

4. Turn on the microphone first, and then the camera / DV power, set in video mode to start work;

5. When recording, keep the microphone switch vertical to the ground, do not adjust the switch during working;

6. After use, turn off the power, remove the battery, store the microphone in a dry place under room temperature.


Pickup type: Stereo electret capacitance x 2

Frequency response: 50Hz-16KHz


Enhance: +10 dB

Low-cut frequency: 60Hz 10dB (otc)

Output impedance: 500次 (AT 1KHz)

SNR: 76dB

Maximum load SPL: 120dB

Battery type: AA battery

Cable length: 33cm

Plug: Gold-plated 3.5mm in diameter

Dimensions (excluding sponge): 200 x 42 x 65mm

Weight: about 120g

Package Including:

1 x iShoot DC/DV Stereo Microphone PL-MIC02

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