18cm Reflector Diffuser+Honeycomb Grid for Bowens Mount Studio Strobe Flash

$17.99 piece
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1. Made of aluminum alloy, with Bowens mount, outer diameter about 180mm, height about 110mm, net weight about 180g;

2. The bayonet is made of aluminum as thick as 4.5mm, strong and durable. The lamp shade is oxidized on the outside and with scales reflective coating internally;

3. The lamp shade comes with curling edges, prevents scratches, and is suitable for studio flash lights and outdoor flash lights with Bowens mount;

4. The honeycomb grid is suitable for lamp shade with diameter of 180mm, and suitable for Shining 200WLCD digital studio flash light and other studio lights (when using 180mm lamp shade); make the light source more directional.

Package Including:

1 x 180mm Lamp Shade Reflector Diffuser with Bowens Mount

1 x 180mm Honeycomb Grid