iShoot 360°Rotate Lever Clamp for Manfrotto 200PL/410PL Arca-Swiss Fit Quick Release Plate RRS ARCA Manfrotto GITZO Tripod Head

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Tripod Ball Head
iShoot IS-QJ85BK Self-locking Lever Panoramic Clamp
--- Metal Bearing 360° Free Rotate
Compatible with Manfrotto 200PL/410PL Plate
& RRS Arca-Swiss Fit Quick Release Plate
and RRS / Arca-swiss Fit Tripod Heads
1. The measured volume of the clamp is about 105mm long x 105mm wide x 33mm high, and the net weight is about 300g.
1) It adopts an asymmetric structure, one side of which is a lever, and the length of the lever handle is about 85mm. Surface with anti-slip design, built-in spring self-locking switch, press and hold the switch, it will be unlocked in one second, and can be opened and closed at 180°;
2) the other side uses a semi-hidden knob, which can be turned to fine-tune the opening and closing of the clamp to adapt to quick release plates of different widths;
2. There are scales at the bottom of the clamp, and the scale error is about 1%; there is an ultra-thin metal bearing built in at the bottom of the clamp, which can be rotated freely at 360°; the bearing is locked by an enlarged independent knob; its bottom adopts a hollow structure with built-in 3/8 threads at the bottom, which can be used for tripods of the same standard; the maximum load-bearing capacity is about 10kg;
3. There are scales on the front of the clamp, compatible with Manfrotto 410PL / 200PL plate and RRS/ARCA-SWISS fit quick release plate, the reverse side is designed with a cross groove, which can be applied to the tripod heads of RRS/Arca-swiss structure, or through the provided IS-5275JX Adapter, compatible with Gitzo 82TQD / 82QD series heads, Manfrotto MH490 / 492 / 494 / 496 / 498 series, MH054 / 055 / 057 series, MHXPRO series heads.
4. The clamp is made of Aviation Aluminum, CNC precisely machined, hollow-out weight reduction design, polished and surface anodized finish. The appearance and exquisite workmanship are much better than similar products made by mold.
Compatible with:
Manfrotto 200PL/410PL Plate
RRS Arca-Swiss Fit Quick Release Plate
RRS / Arca-swiss Fit Tripod Heads
Through the provided IS-5275JX Adapter, compatible with:
Gitzo 82TQD/82QD series heads;
Manfrotto MH490/492/494/496/498 series heads
MH054/055/057 series heads
MHXPRO series heads
Package Including:
1 x iShoot Self-locking Lever Panoramic Clamp IS-QJ85BK
1 x Adapter IS-5275JX
1 x Allen Wrench
1 x Stainless-steel 1/4 Screw
1 x Stainless-steel M6 Screw
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