Versatile Crab Claw Clamp Clip Flash Bracket for Studio Light Stand Boom Tripod

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Crab Claw Clamp
Aluminum Alloy


1. Improved crab claw clamp, main body made of aluminum alloy, leverage and axes made ​​of stainless steel; the opening angle increased, with replaceable non-slip rubber, expanding the scope of application; can be installed to glass, steel or desktop of the minimum thickness of about 3mm, and can also be mounted to round, square or irregular shaped objects of the diameter of about 30mm;

2. Calipers mating parts is strengthened, non-slip rubber is replaceable, lock or open by screw stepper control, more solid and stable;

3. One plier designed with 1/4” female thread and the other one with 3/8” female thread, which allow installing cameras, flash units or other devices via 1/4” or 3/8” adapter screw to achieve more uses.


Maximum dimensions: 8.0 × 6.5 × 2cm

Product weight: 150g

Maximum load: 2kg

Package Including:

1 x Improved Versatile Rotary Handle Crab Claw Clamp IS-XQJ II