Using a 4-Way Close-Up Shooting Rail

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Using a 4-Way Close-Up Shooting Rail

A 4-way close-up shooting rail is a great addition to any range, whether you're at home or in the field.lowest price 4-way close-up shooting rail slider When you're outside in the woods, it's easy to forget that you're on a shooting range. By having a rail around, you can be sure you are within your comfort zone as you prepare for your next shot.

A four-way close-up shooting rail also allows you to see and adjust your sights without having to remove your gun from its holster.lowest price 4-way close-up shooting rail slider You won't have to worry about falling when you're attempting to move your sights, and you can get a clearer view of your target while you're taking an accurate shot. This can help you be more accurate when you're trying to hit your target.

If you have an open space, you can put an individual crosshair on each of the corners of the square. Put the crosshairs around three points on each square. This way, it's easy to move your sight over each square to get the exact spot you need. Another option is to put the sliders over the crosshairs, so you can have a small square with the crosshairs surrounding it.

The next thing you need to do is lay down a green-cloth background, such as a tar paper, on top of the open space you're going to use as your range. You'll want a width that's just under two inches. Place a table or chair across the top, and have a pen nearby for measuring the distance between your legs.

Once you have the area set up, you need to cut out the two sets of rails, the center one and the others. Start by marking the center spot for each of the sides of the rail. After you have marked them, take the first side and start cutting it out, while making sure you leave a good amount of space so that the sliders are able to slide over the area you have marked.

Take your second side and place it in between the two pieces of rail with the center being the open space. Remember to make sure that you have two squares that have the sliders on them. Take your other side and place it in the center of the flat spot you've marked.

Now, create two vertical stripes in the center of the two squares that you have on the outside and the inside. Take your sliders and place them over the horizontal stripe. These will then act as your support for the sliders that are outside.

With the sliders in place, slide the sliders onto the vertical stripes. This will allow you to easily control the distance between the sliders and the square on the inside. When you have it aligned properly, take your spotter and check to make sure that your sliders are parallel to each other, and if not, adjust accordingly.

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