Understanding the Arca Swiss Lever Release Clamp

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Understanding the Arca Swiss Lever Release Clamp

Arca Swiss is a renowned company that has been making innovative products for over a century. Their logo, the Arca Shrimp, is an icon of the Arca technology. The family of designs is a series of design tools and specialized tools which go together to produce a precision manufactured tool.

The first tool was the Arca-Swiss Model for the model-series. This was originally created for the Shaft-Bot. Arca Swiss then came out with the Huygens clamp. This was the first known model that had two parts, a main clamp and a lever release.

The Arca Swiss Lever Release Clamp is a popular tool. It is a wedge like clamp that slides up and down. It comes in two forms. They can be a round or a cylindrical wedge. A third option is the button clamps which hold a stick which is used to manipulate the wrench head.

There are different types of levers used for using the wrench head on the wrench. The Covered Lever has its part covered by a metal frame. This can provide a better grip on the wrench head.

The third type of Arca Swiss Lever Release Clamp is the Compact Lever. This is a tiny wedge like clamp. It is used to move the wedge from the two ends of the lever. A spring would be used to keep the wedge pressed in the normal position. This can be used to prevent accidental releases of the wrench head.

There are several different styles of the Arca Swiss Lever Release Clamp. The regular wedge style isone that holds the wedge in its two end parts. The V-shaped wedge is more like a raised lip with rounded edges. This style is very popular because it allows the wedge to be pushed straight down onto the wrench. The Compact Lever Style is like the one above but the wedge is much smaller in diameter.

The last style is the Butterfly Lever and is made with three pieces. One of the pieces is located at the front opening. The other two are located at the bottom and the top of the wedge.

These different sizes can be found in a variety of colors and designs. The removable jaws allow for different grips that can be used with this type of lever.

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