The Versatility of the Ball Head Clamp

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The Versatility of the Ball Head Clamp

The SmallRig Trio Ball Head with Clamp, 1/2 in.ballhead clamp Metric Socket and Magnetic Rotary Ball Head is an excellent ballad that allows you to control your lighting without a ball head cover. This makes it ideal for photographers that do not wish to buy a ballhead cover or use a stand. It is very inexpensive.

The SmallRig Multi-functional 2 Ball Head With Clamp and Magnetic Ball Head is a multi-functional ball head with a magnetic top for easy access to the camera and light.ballhead clamp ballhead clamp This is great for the person that does a lot of studio work because it allows quick access to the light controls. It is also very compact and fairly light weight. The small rigs are equipped with an on/off switch for those times when you need to change the direction of the light, which are controlled by a pair of switches on the front of the clamp. It also has three feet so it will go where you need it most.

The other two pieces of this smallrig are a ballhead clamp and a wingnut kit.ballhead clamp The smallrig could attach to any size DSLR camera. I would suggest you do this if you are using this product for a lot of studio work. It will be much more convenient.

These two ballhead clamps are compatible with many different makes and models of digital camera. You can connect it to your computer by using a USB cable or a serial cable. However, the best way to connect the clamp to your computer is to use the included adapter. Once connected, you can then download the instructions to operate your smallrig 2134 universal ballhead. Follow the instructions thoroughly so that you can get the maximum performance out of the unit.

There are three major differences between these three small rigs. First, the universal ball head clamps have no hub to attach to the light source. You must drill a hole through the ball to attach the clamp to the head. Second, the universal ballads do not have a wheel to turn the light on/off. This will make it harder to control the angle of the head as well as any zooming. Lastly, the universal ballheads are much larger than the smaller rigs.

All three types are very useful if you are taking many studio photographs and do a lot of editing on your computer. However, there are pros and cons to each of these types. If you are only using your smallrig to take pictures with one person, you could simply use a small rig stand and place the stand next to the subject in the studio before starting the process. This would keep the camera free for other tasks. However, if you are using the clamp to photograph multiple people, you will be more productive by attaching the ball head to the universal clamp and turning the knob to either control the zooming or move the angle of the head while you work.

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