The Versatile 2D Panoramic Head

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The Versatile 2D Panoramic Head

The 2d panoramic head model 520 camera from Sanyo is a durable, robust, and lightweight pan/tilt camera that makes a great addition to anyone's collection.2d panoramic head This model has an advanced motorized zoom lens with a bright viewfinder and daylight mode. The 2d lens is made from durable high-carbon steel with an outer ring of black iron and a polished chrome outer ring. The two-way pan/tilt head is supported by a sturdy body and is fully adjustable for either hand-held or fixed positions on the tripod. An optional, spring-mounted video pin can be mounted on the bottom of the camera.

The body of this camera is made from high-grade weatherproof plastics and rubber-buttons are recessed into the body for a user-friendly and tactile feel.2d panoramic head 2d panoramic head The two-stage tilting mechanism allows for precise movements in any direction and the removable carrying case, carrying ring, and battery are easily taken apart for storage or travel. It also takes loads of pictures with a standard picture frame size. At its heart is a powerful 400 xTi digital camera, which will shoot up to nine hundred frames of resolution and has over five thousand pixels of resolution for clear and crisp color photos.

The camera holder is included but not attached to the camera so it is not actually weighing the camera down, although it is very sturdy and secure.2d panoramic head The tripod, when folded down for transportation can weigh up to fifteen kilograms, which is just about three and a half pounds total when completely assembled. The tripod weighs just over seven and a half pounds total when completely assembled. The weight of the entire package including carrying case is just under eight and a half pounds.

The tripod stands on a sturdy metallic base with a fully metal tripod stand post. On the tripod there is a folding plate that locks the post into place. The front panel is easily removed for storage and for traveling. The 2d panoramic head model 520 is also equipped with a foldaway tripod ring that allows for easy storage and travel. The ring also helps to keep the camera stable on a surface.

The panoramic head model 520 is a robust model that is well built and features a two-year warranty. The tripod stands on a heavy steel tripod stand with a fully welded reinforced head plate. The head plates are covered with a high-grade polycarbonate windshield for protection against scratches and impact. The camera housing, which is made from fully carbon-fiber polymers, also offers maximum impact and scratch resistance. The housing also includes a heavy duty nylon strap with fully welded spring-mounted video pin.

The panoramic head allows you to easily move the tripod from one location to another. You can bring it with you on camping trips or to the beach. The lightweight nature of the tripod means that you can carry it for long hikes without any fatigue or difficulty. The sturdy construction and long warranty mean that this tripod is something you can depend on. It is designed to hold the weight of many adults while offering a degree of flexibility that is not found in other travel cameras.

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