The Unique Qualities of the Arca Swiss Tripod Camera

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The Unique Qualities of the Arca Swiss Tripod Camera

The Arca Swiss Tripod is an extremely useful and versatile piece of photography equipment. Many people think it's just a tripod, but the truth is it's so much more than that. At first glance, the tripod seems to simply have the standard tripod legs with a little bit of a twist. But this is not the case. Behind the scenes there is a very clever system of gears and ball bearings that makes this tripod take great snaps.

There are two drive systems on the back of the tripod head. One drives the plate mechanism behind the camera. The other drives the geared balls on the bottom of the head. The drive system on the back of the tripod head makes this the most lightweight type of tripod you can find, at only 2.1 pounds.

The lens of the camera also moves when you change the direction of the arm. This is done by depressing a paw grip which shifts the lens slightly upwards so that it is more focused on the target. Because of the compact design, the lens is Tilt-Free. This is a definite advantage over any non Tilting tripod.

The most striking feature of the Arca Swiss Tripod Camera is the large viewfinder. It has a maximum viewing angle of 120 degrees. This is a very wide angle which enables you to get a lot of detail in a shot. If you're like most photographers, you'll know that getting as many frames as possible is key, because you want to be able to make the most of your picture. Most cameras only allow you to take one photo at a time. With the ability to shoot up to three at a time with a tilting head, you can capture multiple shots and switch between them easily.

Unlike many cameras, the Arca Swiss Tripod Camera offers a 90 degree tilt. This means you can place the camera down as far as possible and still see the whole image. This is great for shooting scenes outside as they have little wind, so the camera remains stable. Also, the tripod offers a fully tilting heads mechanism. The ability to tilt the heads 90 degrees is a real advantage compared to most cameras.

The most unique characteristic of the Arca Swiss Tripod Camera is that the whole tripod moves in a single plane. This is achieved through a classic knob system. The knobs are designed to lock the whole system in place so the whole tripod structure remains stationary. The monorail clamp that holds the camera together is also made to lock in place and is also designed to lock into place with a classic knob system.

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