SLR Camera With a Panning Head - How it Works

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SLR Camera With a Panning Head - How it Works

The Cinevate Modo TimeLapse Panning Head is an extremely compact and lightweight panning head suitable for both the Cinevate RZoom and Duzi SLRs.panning head The ergonomic design makes it very convenient to utilize without the risk or stress of fumbling around with connecting wires, belts, or even batteries. It is so well designed that it is essentially foolproof when mounting your camera. With its interchangeable pan/tilt head, the photographer does not have to change positions in order to have a clear shot. This head has been designed especially to be compatible with the SLR cameras made by Nikon and Canon.

The panning head features an aluminum body that is six inches in diameter and over three inches in height when measured from the base diameter. It has a weight of only ninety-three pounds when empty. When weighed against the camera it weighs only five and a half pounds. The aluminum material it is made out to allow the tripod to be fully rigid when at rest, yet still flexible enough to conform to the camera when in use.

On the front of the tripod is adjustable clamps, which allow it to clamp to various sizes and shapes. These include various standard ball heads, as well as the optional tripod adapter. When used with ball heads manufactured by Nikon or Canon, the Nikon Elite Digital Photography Promoter Edition also includes a carrying case. In addition, the tripod can support the weight of one fully loaded digital camera, although many reviewers do not recommend carrying more than one.

The tripod features a built-in, fully-integrated electronic depth sensor that will adjust the panning angle for any subject in any direction. The motion picture, it records is captured on a CCD camera that is located inside the panning base. In this manner, it is similar to a conventional point and shoot style of camera, but provides extremely wide field of view, allowing for extremely accurate photography with a maximum field of view of 360 degrees.

One unique feature of the panning head is the quick release clamp, which allows the user to quickly remove the camera from the panning base without removing the entire fixture. The quick release clamp is designed to hold either type of camera lens, regardless of whether it is on the camera or not. For example, it will hold both digital and film cameras. This is unlike most cameras that only support one lens type. Additionally, the quick release clamp allows the photographer to adjust the lens distance without having to change the lens mount.

Many reviewers have described the panning head as a little awkward, especially if one does not use a tripod. However, this could be a benefit, as it allows one to create a more controlled panning movement without using the tripod. One must stand at the panning base and use both hands to keep both hands on the cube, while rotating it in a circular motion, to keep the cube level. Once the cube is level, it can then be moved away from the photographer. One must be careful when moving the cube, as it may wobble slightly. If this happens, it is wise to press a few keys on the joy stick to settle the cube back down into place.

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