Lens Collar - Choosing The Best One For Your Photography Needs

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Lens Collar - Choosing The Best One For Your Photography Needs

A lens collar is just another name for a photo collar or carrying case. It has a strap that attaches to your camera backpack or carrying case and it holds a small camera that is inside the case with an adjustable lens. These accessories come in a variety of different styles to fit just about any outfit you may be trying to portray. Whether you are going out on a great hike, taking a walk or catching up with friends at the local coffee shop, this accessory can help you to get the perfect picture.

I have personally used a tripod collar since I bought my digital camera in 2021. I found that having one around made it much easier to focus on the pictures I wanted to take. It also helped me to be more comfortable while taking pictures because it prevented my hands from moving on the camera itself which could cause the pictures to slip away. Since the lens mount slips over the front of the camera, I do not need to worry about it coming off if I am involved in a rough or potentially slippery situation. I no longer have to worry about losing my photography equipment as easily because of a lack of a lens collar. This is a huge advantage in my book.

Choosing a lens collar can often be difficult as there are so many styles, colors, materials and configurations to choose from. You really have to decide what is best for your photography or your outdoor lifestyle. The two primary considerations that go into your decision making are the environment where you will be using the accessory and your photography style. For example, if you are an action type photographer then a tripod collar that is specifically designed for action shots is exactly what you need. If you are more into nature photography and taking pictures of actual plants and animals then a soft lens collar or even a gel lens collar would be better suited to your needs.

The type of lens collar you decide on should also depend on whether you plan on purchasing one of the many available tripod mount rings that are on the market. If you intend to use your camera accessories with a wide angle lens, then it would be better to get one of the wide angle tripod mount rings that are available on the market. If your purpose is to do portraits and you want to keep the distance as low as possible then you will definitely want to purchase one of the many compact lens collar options that are available on the market.

One thing I recommend doing before you purchase any lens collar is testing it on your camera body. Simply remove the lens cap and place it on your camera body. Make sure that it works as intended and that it is comfortable for your hands. If you can test it for comfort then you can't go wrong. This is an important step because if it is not comfortable you will definitely have a problem trying to use it on your camera body when you finally get it.

Finally, the last step you will want to take in order to find out which lens collar is best for you is by testing each brand's replacement foot. There are several considerations you should make in this step such as the thickness of the head, the weight of the head, the width of the head, and the longevity of the head. Most reputable brands like Nikon, Canon, Kodak, and Fuji offer at least two different replacement feet. You want to be sure to test these three areas and pick the brand that offers the most comfortable, durable, and reliable head.

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