Collars for Nikon Tripod

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Collars for Nikon Tripod

If you are a photographer that frequently travels, you might consider buying a Nikon Tripod Collar. The collar is a small attachment that attaches to your digital camera to your tripod. The collar attaches the lens to the tripod rather than the camera body, so that it can be secured easily for an easier and more convenient way of rotating the lens with your hands. Collars usually have an adhesive strip which allows the attachment of both lenses. Once the attachment is made, you can easily turn the camera round for a perfect shot.

The main advantage of a Nikon Tripod Collar as opposed to using a shoulder strap or other similar attachment is that the grip is much better. It is almost impossible for someone to scratch a camera body when wearing it, and the lenses are held securely in place. If the lenses are not attached securely, there is a risk that they will fall out. The Nikon tripod collar is made from a hard, durable material that should last for years. Collars also ensure that your lens does not vibrate when attached to your camera body, which is very common if the lenses are not secured properly.

There are many types of Nikon Tripod Collar available, including the basic model, which is just the nikon tripod collar with a regular tripod mount. A "tinkering" model is also available for those photographers who find that they need more flexibility when using their tripod collars. These models have an extra post for your card and lens, as well as an additional collar for carrying and keeping the extra lens safe. This type is often considered the most versatile.

Why would I Use This Collar? - Because I like to take pictures from a variety of positions, and the Nikon Tripod Collar with the built-in lens stops me from having to constantly adjust the distance between shots. It also helps me to get in a more natural position, instead of trying to hoist the camera up and down. I can also hide my signature red eye, because sometimes it is difficult for the shot to be clearly focused if I'm not sitting in the right spot. I can also easily adjust the angle and focus by tilting the camera up or down. I can even change the flash settings, if needed.

Is This Stuff Really Made? - It's made out of hard polycarbonate which is not easy to break. It has an aluminum ring where the cable goes that keeps it securely fastened. Plus, it is fully adjustable for both length and angle. I don't even have to worry about it coming off while taking a photo as it is securely fastened.

Finally, I love the fact that Nikon Tripod Collar with Lens comes in two colors; black and green. While the black color is more common in professional photography, the green one is perfect for those who like to snap nature scenes. You can also interchange them with each other easily... just swap the lenses! And yes, the collar looks great on the Nvoy EASYSHIELD, so even if you don't own this camera body... buy the tripod collar!

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