Acratech Panoramic Tripod Head

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Acratech Panoramic Tripod Head

The Acratech Panoramic Tripod Head is a nice and compact arm that can be used to support the camera in an up-right position while making pictures.acratech panoramic tripod head It is made of aluminum alloy and has been designed with the comfort of photographers in mind. It comes with a special wire and a brush handle which makes it very convenient to use. It has a pan tilt sensor to help it make use of this type of tripod.

This type of a tripod is useful for someone who is working at the edge of the street or working on the rooftop. If the user wants to do a certain exposure, then the arm can be adjusted properly to come into contact with the sensor. The Acratech head is made of aluminum alloy. It has been put together with rounded corners to avoid breakage and damage. It can be turned out of a flat position, but there are some cases that users would want to remain in a flat position.

The head can support a lens up to 7.5 mm in diameter. It has three levels of adjustment. It comes with a brush handle and a wire which allows the user to lift the head completely up or down. It has a pan tilt sensor. This sensor helps the camera move in a direction perpendicular to the sky when the camera is being placed in this position.

The pan-tilt sensor is located underneath the arm and helps in making the camera move in the correct direction. The arm has a tripod socket which is used to mount the camera on. The arm can move all the way up or all the way down. There is a length of flexible cable that can be attached to the arm to adjust the angle of the camera.

The rod attaches to the arm through a clamp. It is made of brass with a matte black finish. There is a center dovetail which is used to attach the arm to the base. This provides the rigidity which is needed for this type of camera.

The Acratech tripod is suitable for those who are taking pictures on the roof of a building. It is ideal for making pictures from a high vantage point. This will allow the photographer to get close to the subject. The tripod can be used to take pictures of landscapes as well.

This head also has a pan tilt sensor. This sensor helps in stabilizing the camera in a tripod. This will help in the pictures being taken to be more steady.

Acratech Tripod Head is a simple, easy to use product. It is a unique product that will surely come in handy for many photographers. It will make a photographer's job easier as it can be used for a number of different situations.

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