35cm Quick Release Plate QS-350 for Tripod Ball Head / iShoot Double-sided Clamp / Telephoto Lens Support

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1. The quick release plate is about 350mm long, 38.5mm wide, 14mm thick, and net weight about 260g;

2. Multifunctional design, with a built-in spirit level at one end, a compass at the other end, and reserved with function extension holes;

3. Designed with 3 sliding chutes about 93mm long and 8 x 1/4" screw hole for function extension purposes; adopts double-layer dovetail groove, engraved precisely scale;

4. With Arca-Swiss 39mm standard interface, compatible with Arca-Swiss / RRS / KIRK / WIMBERLEY / MARKINS / SUNWAYFOTO / KANGRINPOCHE / BENRO / SIRUI / MARSACE ball heads of RRS Standard Interface, suitable for IS-JZ30 / IS-JZ50 / IS-JZ64 / IS-QJ58 / IS- QJ64 / IS-JZ60BK / IS-70BK / IS-JZ80BK clamp, etc;

5. The quick release plate is made of Aviation Aluminum, CNC precisely machined, polished and surface anodized finish. The appearance and exquisite workmanship are much better than similar products made by mold;

6. Reserved with extension holes for mounting iShoot long-focus lens support IS-TB01 or IS-TB02 (Sold Separately), which is installed between long-focus lens and camera body, sharing the weight of the camera bayonet, to protect long-focus lens and camera bayonet from damage, but also increase stability.

Note When Used with IS-TB01:

1. The distance between the screw hole of the lens tripod mount ring and the screw hole of the camera bottom must be over 8cm to install this combination;

2. This combination don't support cameras with battery grip, only support cameras without battery grip.

IS-TB02+QS-350 (Sold Separately) Compatible with Lenses:

Note: Select cameras which the bottom of the camera body to be flush with or close to the bottom of the lens mount ring to fit the installation when testing. Such as Canon 1DX/5D3, Nikon D3S/D810, Sony a330/a6000. The large lens corresponds to the large camera body, the small lens corresponds to the small camera body, does not include the teleconverter. (The following ranges are for reference only)

Canon EF 600/4L IS USM series

            EF 800/5.6 IS USM

Nikon 600/4E FL ED VR

           600/4E FL ED VR series

           800/5.6E FL ED VR

Sigma 300-800/5.6 EX DG HSM

            800/5.6 EX DG HSM

Package Including:

1 x iShoot Lengthened Quick Release Plate QS-350

(The other items in the photos not listed here are for illustrating only, not included)